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Originally Posted by hot_turkey_ed View Post
I am terminating this project after 24 hours. It showed promise but I'm not going to further waste my time right now;I'm fucking pissed. Why? Let me quote from one of the RSS threads I erased.

MD, you're bitching barely 24 hours into this, a good chunk of which I spent updating the software running this site and trying to deliver something cool for all of you. The proper response is THANK YOU, constructive criticism,or no response at all. I invite you in the future to be part of the solution or shut the fuck up.
woa easy does it . . . sorry to piss you off so much . . . i bet that is hecho addi or allan made that post you wouldnt have gotten anywhere near as upset. . . i thought i had a position of familiarity on this board where i could speak my mind without worrying about people getting all upset, but i guess i was wrong

btw the tp smilie got updated
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