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Originally Posted by ChildrenofSodom View Post
I thought it was a good concept, but some of the stories werent interesting.
The initial concept was to pull in stories with a specific band name in the thread title. Unfortunately, vbulletin's filter parses by single word only. That means the term King Diamond would actually grab any word ending in -king. Similiarly, Dio would pull in any title with the word studio in it, a common enough occurance.

Word filters, even when they work, do not understand 'interesting', so that can't be helped. Furthermore, the posts are only summaries. I know summaries aren't as interesting as full stories but at least it's a head up. Unless I manually post stories, our news forum isn't very useful. It's take too much time to do news -- it's not what we're about -- and then there's the issue of copying content from other sites, the reason I am extremely anal about sourcing and then posting the hooks rather than full copy.

Personally, I'd rather delete a few threads here and there or put up with non-interesting threads (which I don't have to click on) and have a feed automated.

Keep in mind we're talking about Blabbermouth. It is the best thing going in metal news but it's not perfect. Neither will any feed sourced from it.
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