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Originally Posted by EvilCheeseWedge View Post
Anyways, coupled with the fact that he didn't really play on two out of the three Dio Sabbath albums... well I just hope he can keep up and play interesting parts. I don't think he'd agree to something like this if he couldn't though, so hopefully I'm concerned about nothing
That's one of the reasons that I think Bill isn't a good choice as a drummer for this. Bill isn't exactly aging well. I remember at Ozzfest when they were about to play Snowblind not only did he start before the rest of the band did (to which Ozzy replied "It's ok. He's old.), but he also ended the song prematurely with out even knowing it, skipping out on the fast part in the process.
I listened to three Babymetal tracks...sounds like Chun Li getting butt-fucked by Andrew W.K. That's not something I ever wanted to hear.
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