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Originally Posted by MetalDrummer888 View Post
wow im listening to the mob rules right now . . . i had forgotten how good dio sabbath was

holy shit i cant wait for this tour
Hell yeah! It will be amazing

My only concern is Bill Ward. Ozzfest '04 he seemed fined, but he really semeed slowed down in '05. He still keeps the beat just fine, and plays at the right tempo, but he seemed to be doing it at the expense of fills and whatnot. It could've been a bad night, but I think physically Bill is about as weak of a link as Ozzy in the band (especially because his role is more physically demanding than Ozzy's.)

Anyways, coupled with the fact that he didn't really play on two out of the three Dio Sabbath albums... well I just hope he can keep up and play interesting parts. I don't think he'd agree to something like this if he couldn't though, so hopefully I'm concerned about nothing
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