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Dio: Heaven and Hell In America!

Classic Rock: Speaking of Tony Iommi, there are of course rumors that you will be reuniting with him, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward as HEAVEN AND HELL next year.

Ronnie: They're absolutely true. We'll probably be doing a year of touring together. And it's looking like you'll see us at the Monsters of Rock festival, then shows in America. And after that we'll come back to the U.K. for eight or nine more shows.

Classic Rock: That's amazing news. More amazing still was that Ozzy Osbourne wished you well with HEAVEN AND HELL.

Ronnie: Yes, he did. Bless Ozzy. He's a special, special person. He's one of the creators of heavy metal music. He deserves wondrous applause, he's a wonderful man and I hope he and Sharon's lives are very, very happy.

2/24 - The Foundry
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