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Originally Posted by ChildrenofSodom
Yeah..I think a metronome is what we need, at least for practicing. We were having trouble lining up...I will have to find my brothers...
Oh dude, metronomes are a must. Some people are really opposed to them though.

As an aside, I have a funny story. One of the drummers in my last band was named Eric. He was onboard for a month and couldn't keep time to save his life. After really working with him he would just refuse to work with a metronome and we just could not record or play songs properly, so we had to let him go. A few months later we split with our vocalist. This vocalist went on to start a band with Eric. Anyways, a few more months go by and we're on friendly terms with those guys again. I was talking to the vocalist who said Eric's a much better drummer now. The vocalist said Eric finally admitted the other day, "You know, I hate to say it, but those guys were right about the metronome."

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