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Originally Posted by Maiden33
I have to admit, Stone is a lot better when he's playing his own guitar solos. A lot of his solos on the new album are very good. I'm just a very very big DeGarmo fan, so being that he plays his solos very well, it's still just not the same for me... I don't think he fits the band.

But the thing is... I'm not really gonna change my complete opinion on thealbum after seeing it live. If I like something, I might like it even more... but if I don't like something, there's a very very slim chance I'll like it just cause I saw it live. I probably like it slightly more, but I'm still not crazy about.
I agree. Stone has a different style than DeGarmo and does not play his solos the same. I miss that but I don't really miss DeGarmo. He was drifting into strange musical territory by the time he left QR. I think Stone did a great job on OM:2 and the solos were awesome live. And it goes without saying that he does a better job on DeGarmo's solos than Kelly Grey ever did.
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