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Queensryche -- Philadelphia, PA -- November 3rd, 2006

Alright, time to write another review... Last night marks the fourth time I've seen Queensryche since the beginning of 2005. I must say that all 4 shows have been excellent.
Now, I was very very optimistic about this show, being that I found Operation : Mindcrime II to be a whole lot forgetable money-grabbing "meh" material. We'll get to my opinion at the end of the review.

So, my 2 friends and myself left around 11 AM, and were down in the area by about quarter after 12. Scott Rockenfield and Mike Wilton were doing a free meet and greet at the Sam Ash music store outside the King of Prussia Mall. We took a few detours, but got there around quarter of 1. (Meet and Greet started at 1). There were 10-15 people in front of us in line, and by the time it started, about 10 more people showed up. The guys were awesome. Two of the nicest "famous" people I've ever met actually. I brought the booklets for all my Ryche CDs (everything up to Empire) and the little insert from my original Video Mindcrime VHS. The band actually seemed like we were dissapointed that we didn't bring more stuff to get signed. Very nice guys, we all got pictures with them.
We were out of there by like 1:30, and then went down to South Street in Philly where we picked up some CDs and such, ate, and met up with my sister (goes to college in Philly). The 4 of us then left for the Electric Factory around quarter after 4.
We got down to the Electric Factory and parked by around 4:30. Doors didn't open until 7:30. Yes, this means that we stood outside in line for 3 hours solid. It was also DAMN cold out. Towards the end, we started trading off and having 2 people go to the car and 2 people hold our place in line. By the way, there were only 2 people in front of us.
Doors opened around 7:30, and our long wait in frigid cold payed off. The 4 of us were front row, dead center. Best spots in the house. Finally.
Show started fairly promptly around 8:30. Most people probably already know the whole deal of Mindcrime live. The album is a classic and a masterpiece, they have actors and videos to enhance the story. Sister Mary never fails to get sluttier every time... but frankly, who cares.
-30 minute intermission-
Now, as I said, I am not a fan of O:M II, so seeing the whole thing live didn't seem very appetizing to me. I must admit, I like a few songs a good bit more than I did prior to the show, but don't get me wrong, I disliked a bunch of songs even more. The stage show though, was downright awesome. Better than the one for the original Mindcrime. There were all sorts of great things going on... like the throwing of fake money during I'm America. I got $71 in Mindcrime money! Also, there's great props and shit for songs, such as Hostage. And lastly, during Murder?, Nikki kills Doctor X, and when the gun goes off, fake blood shoots out of it. My friends and myself got a bit on us, which was really fucking cool. However, I do not change my opinion on the fact that after that song, the album goes downhill, fast.
Anyway, the band then came back for their encore. The played Empire first, so I can't complain, I've always loved that song, and it never fails to be a great live track. After that, Tate asked the audience what we wanted to hear, and my friends and I started a big chant for Take Hold of the Flame, and we actually had a whole lot of people going "TAKE HOLD!"...The band actually gathered around, like they were changing what they were gonna play, and Tate said: "Alright, you got!"... but no. They played Jet City Woman. Not a bad song, but it's not the kind of song I want to hear with this little slots in the set, let alone as a closer. Neverthless, twas good.

So overall, great show, but at this point I expect this from the band. Every show has been great in it's own way and this was no exception.

Queensryche set list:
Operation : Mindcrime
Operation : Mindcrime II
Jet City Woman

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