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Shades Of Twilight - Land O Lakes, Florida - November 3rd 2006

So tonight was the almighty FLAPJACK FESTIVAL! It's our little tiny towns yearly carnival and everyone in the entire town goes and good times are had by all. Seriously I saw like every person I've ever known tonight. Okay anyway, one of my best friends' band ' Shades Of Twilight ' played at this years. After many a rides on the GRAVITRON and THE ZIPPER, all the metal heads and SOT supporters headed over the the stage where they were playing. The place was PACKED! They were pretty rushed in setting up but these guys fucking delivered.

Their setlist was

01. Zero Hour ( original )
02. Let Osiris Be The Judge ( Original )
03. In My Darkest Hour ( Megadeth Cover )
04. Superheroes!!! ( Edguy Cover )
05. Domination ( Pantera Cover )
06. Master Of Puppets!!! ( Metallica Cover )
07. Shades Of Twilight ( Original )

I got to sing the " We never..." part of Superheroes!
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