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Unholy Alliance / Slayer -- Glasgow, UK -- November 2nd, 2006

We left our school about 60 or 70 miles away from the venue sharp and went to a friend's house to get changed. We then headed to the train station and when we got on the train we met more people we knew. We headed straight to the venue, and our timing was pretty good, as soon as we got in Thine Eyes Bleed took to the Stage.

Thine Eyes Bleed:

Cold Victim

This is the only song i know they played. They were ok, there were a few people who seemed enthusiastic about them but the majority just watched them and thought they were a good opener. It was quite quiet, but it was rarely a problem to hear them as we were close to the front, but it was easy to talk to each other and hear each other, which i thought unusual.
I think they did a good job. It was quite funny for their lead singer to point out one guy in the crowd front centre and he said "this guy is singing along with all the lyrics" and the guy turned round and screamed "YEEHH!!" clearly a big fan, - and the only one there at that.

They finnished after about 30 minutes worth of songs. I was quite looking forward to seeing Children Of Bodom because i really like their stuff. There appeared to be a lot of bodom fans in the venue, a lot of people going crazy from excitement of getting the chance to see them it was quite tense. Luckily it was only a short wait before they took to the stage. The intro was quite nice but it was very quiet and i struggled to catch it all.

Children Of Bodom

Silent Night Bodom Night
Needled 24/7
Living Dead Beat
Angels Don't Kill
Hate Me!
In Your Face

Despite a good performance, the crowd were much louder than the sound, so it was very difficult to hear bodom and quite often you couldn't hear which song was being played. It was really difficult to tell. It was nice of Alexi to tell us how good the crowd were for it being their first time in this country. He seemed to ease through solos, but sadly, he only played one solo where he wasn't casually talking to another member of the band ignoring the solo he was playing. He spinned his guitar round his neck and stuff. And i loved the sticker he had on his guitar "you touch, you die." I was surprised Alexi had black hair, he seemed to be wearing some pretty cool clothes and overall it was a good performance, shit sound though.
I screamed out "YEH!" whilst looking at their drummer and he smiled and nodded at me when he was drumming and he kept occasionally looking back at me and gave me the horns and stuff. Then there was a big push in the crowd and he couldn't find me anymore. At then end he then threw all the sticks to round about front row, as did the rest of the bands, so not much chance of getting one if you wanted to enjoy yourself in the pit. I was a bit dissapointed with the omission of "are you dead yet" and the fact that there were not many outstanding songs on the set - such as follow the reaper or lake bodom - was also a dissapointment. Their best song on the night, I think it was "Angels Don't Kill." It is also my favourite Bodom track respectably. After Bodom showed us a great performance that was not flawless and could have been much better Lamb Of God were up next. After seeing Children Of Bodom, i feel i must go see them again on a headlining tour to see how good they really are, i don't think i got the best out of them at Unholy Alliance.

Lamb Of God had a slightly smaller group of fans cheering for them to come on the stage. And i wasn't really that much into Lamb Of God. I didn't get their set in order, and i may have missed out a song or two, but i think this is it roughly, they played ALL the songs i have.

Lamb Of God

11th Hour
Now You've Got Something To Die For
Ashes Of The Wake
Walk With Me In Hell
Black Label

Something like that, I'll update it when i get the rest. The sound was very loud and very good. I was in the pits for all of Lamb Of God and very good pits they were. Not brutal, but great nevertheless and some people got totally nailed. I think the best song was "Now You've Got Something To Die For" they introduced the song really well and really got the crowd going. Best moshpits were during Lamb Of God, there was a really big one near the back of the crowd and all the big sweaty fat guys that you bounce off if you hit, with their tops off. Lamb Of God made it seem like it was a very personal performance we were getting, relating back to past gigs and telling us the reason Chris Addler broke two drums - yes, two! was because we were such a good crowd. We had to wait a while after each of the songs they were being fixed for, but during this time singer was talking to us about the tour and Slayer and beer, and just things in general.
Finally the last song Black Label came and everyone got ready for a Wall Of Death and a big space was made. This was sadly ruined by a groupr of idiots that ran for it too early and there wall was nowhere near as good as it should have been, but lots of people fell over and it was still worth being there, and one of the highlights of the gig. I was dissapointed they didn't play the song Hourglass, my favourite LOG song. I thought Lamb Of God were definately one of the best bands of the night and i would definately check out their stuff after seeing them.

After Lamb Of God came In Flames. Again we only waited about 20 minutes for them to come on and with the theme tune to Knight Rider as their intro the set was bringing back fond memories of the last time i saw them in March. (Knight Rider wasn't the intro in March)

In Flames:

Pinball Map
Cloud Connected
Only For The Weak
Come Clarity
The Quiet Place
Take This Life
My Sweet Shadow

In Flames were on for quite a long time. The sound wasn't as loud again, but this time at least it was loud enough for everyone to hear. It was clear, but In Flames just didn't provide what everyone was waiting for. They were highly enjoyable to those watching, but i didn't see the same band i saw last time i saw them. This told me i that i need to go see them again next time on a headlining tour, because they were so much better, and not to judge a support band solely on their performance as a support band. In Flames were missing Jesper, and i don't blame their performance lacking on this. Although the songs were slightly different and it would have been better with Jesper. Anders came on the stage and i noticed he looked different. He was slightly drunk and had shaved his beard off, so he had a clean-shaven face. He pulled off the joke "sadly our guitarist couldn't make it tonight, so if he fuck-up it's his fault *points to replacement"
It was all taken in good humour. The moshpits completely died down for In Flames and The Quiet Place was their best song. Anders introduced Take This Life by saying "are you ready for another heavy metal track?" to which i thought they'd start playing Behind Space, they didn't and they didn't play it at all which was a big dissapointment as it and Only For The Weak were two of the songs i really wanted to see them play that i fully expected them to play. My Sweet Shadow was the perfect ending song and i think it's definately always going to be their best, but i still beleive they should vary a little bit. Egonomic was a nice treat. There were very few In Flames fans there, but those that were thought they were amazing, i didn't see anyone who was clearly singing and at the gig they headlined, and i don't blame them 30 to go and see a performance like that is very overpriced. After this, I still thought Lamb Of God were better.
All the bands had played their part now except......


War Ensemble
Eyes Of The insane
Mandatory Suicide
Chemical Warfare
Die By The Sword
Dead Skin Mask
Hell Awaits
Seasons In The Abyss
Raining Blood
South Of Heaven
Angel Of Death

This setlist is not in order with exceptions to the first 3 and last 3. The others in the middle i forgot to get the order of. And i think i missed out one song, one of the ones from their new album. Slayer were just crazy, as expected. Everyone was crazy, it was great. The marshall amps were stacked on either side of the stage to provide upside down crosses, their were lights with pentagrams all over the place, and there was a big screen behind the stage with lots of imagery for the Slayer songs which was really good and made things more intimidating. I was dissapointed with the sound, it was loud enough but it wasn't clear. It was quite often hard to hear Tom Araya. And he missed out the scream in Angel Of Death, or maybe he didn't, but the sound in it made it difficult to hear. I played my share in moshpits and crowd surfing and was lucky enough to get one of Jeff Hanneman's pics which quite nicely says "SLAYER" on it. I thought Disciple was a good opener, but i think South Of Heaven would have been better. And when they went ofstage for Raining Blood, they didn't exaclty go off and wait for a cheer per usual, it was like they went off for a few seconds and then came back on without any tension being built up, which really meant there wasn't much point in the break being put there, they should have waited. Then to see no Postmortem was a bit dissapointing - but that's being critical. Angel Of Death was a great song, but it had too much of an abrubt ending, everyone agreed one more tune would have topped it, i beleive Postmortem would have been the icing on the cake, but Slayer clearly don't like icing.
It was a great gig despite some on par performances. Bear in mind this was me being really critical in my review. Yes, Lamb Of God really did rock. And ofcourse let's not forget Slayer.
The gig ran on late which left everyone from the capital city stuck to either get a lift home or bus. It was impossible to catch the train. So we all enjoyed a nice long night bus journey back home. But i was home for 1.30am which was good.
Great night, oh, and i forgot to mention i also got myself an Unholy Alliance t-shirt from outside. I was luck enough to haggle the guy down from 10 to 7.
Im happy.
13th Exploited
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