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Okay, I don't really agree with Div, but he does have a small point, albeit he expressed it rather poorly. The situation you were in was quite controlled, and you didn't really have any chance of getting in any trouble. However, if you're actually out driving and get pulled over, you should exercise your right to refuse a search. You never know what could happen.

Just the other day on another board, a kid was talking about how he and his friends were causing Halloween mischief and got pulled over. The cops searched his car, and it turns out his friend had a bottle of vodka in her bag, and he didn't even know about it. They were all underage, and the kid (it was his car) got arrested for it. Now, in his situation, the case will get thrown out, since the cop searched without permission and found the vodka in a bag (which he couldn't search even with permission). However, it still goes to show how things can go very wrong in a situation like that.

And yes, for the most part cops are not jack-booted fascists (my dad's a sheriff's deputy), but there are a lot of shitty cops too, who'll take any opportunity to get you for something. And if you waive your rights and allow them to search, and something goes wrong, you've got NOTHING to fall back on.

PS- Despite the fact that I think this country's attitude towards drugs is totally fucked, I agree 100% that drugs have absolutely no place at school.

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