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Originally Posted by Div
because it lets the cop get away with that type of behavior, treating innocent people as suspects.

make this your next read:

DUDE! You are such a fucking retard. The purpose of the police is to ensure that we are kept safe, and that things like drugs, weapons, and alcohol are kept off school property to ensure a safe-learning environment. You are taking my story wrong. They smelt around my car. They got a hit. The cops and principal CALMLY told me I could deny or accept a search request. I accept. They told me that even if they had a legit hit, it might not be my fault (since the car is used, and marijuana smoke can stay in the fabric for up to 6 months)....they allowed me to watch the as they searched my car, slowly and politely, putting everything back where it belonged after searching through it.

They asked me what the three big bags were in the back. I told them they were bowling balls. They confirmed it by looking into the bag, and searching for the source of the "hit." They soon found the misplaced bag of canned cat food. They said that the dogs probably hit on either that or some smoke residue. They put everything back. Allowed me to lock the doors, and let me return to class.

It was very orderly, calm, polite, and not the least bit militant. You have a warped sense of reality. You may know of some extreme instances where the police are brutal, but you are blowing it way out of proportion.

You have a tendency to take some small happening, and devise your own military-state New World Order, "go back to sleep", rape-you-of-your-rights Illuminati Zionist conspiracy. Chill out, and take my tale for what it is. A simple school sweep to locate illegal drugs. Drugs are illegal, therefore searching and confiscation of drugs (and drugs only, no other belongings) is perfectly constitutional.

And your little line about treating innnocents like are full of batshit. Suspects are just people that are innocent, but may be guilty. I was told that I had drugs...I was not told that I was going to be arrested. I was given my rights; to unlock my own car without them breaking my windows/locks, leave the building to the "scene" without being accused or arrested, having the right to approve or deny a search, etc.

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