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Originally Posted by MetalDrummer888
well, you certainly got a rise out of me . . . i was already think what my next post would be . . . congrats for turning the other cheek, i know i would have kept hurling shit until one of us got banned

to be honest though, i think you are blurring the line between talking shit about our troops and talking shit about the president. I support our troops . . . i think its really sad that many of them are going to war in a foreign country and getting killed because they have no other jobs available to them. i think it is sad that they are dying for a cause that really isnt benifiting anybody at all. I trully hope that they all come back safe. On the other hand, i think that Bush is responsible for the deaths of many of these soldiers and is wasting their lives on a war with no point (like vietnam). Just giving you an example . . . try not to see things so black and white, remember there is a gray area where the majority of peoples opinions are located, and by making a statement like "If you dont support our president then you are a terrorist" you will not only piss a lot of people off, but make them think you are not as smart as you acually are.

No one needs to get banned here. hahaha. Like I said, this is a forum about all kinds of metal music and politics doesnt belong here. It was wrong of me to be bring politics into the picture. But im glad we can both see where the other is coming from. Thats what makes topics like this so fun to discuss. You get your point across and you get to hear what other people have to say. Sometimes, its not what you want to hear. Sometimes, it is. Either one works. And I went back and read the statement I made about not supporting the war, wrong thing to say. Sorry folks. I will not bring politics into this forum again.
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