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Video Project Help

I think I may have started a thread about this before...but I am not positive.

For Broadcast Journalism exams, we have to make a music video of any song of our choosing. I would like to hear your opinions on some of my ideas for certain goes. The songs cant be all out growling, because they will be broadcast across the school and I will have no chance of winning by using pure death

Medicated Nation by Nevemore=some video of a blindfolded person just choking down pills, a snake eating a mouse, other discreet drug shots such as needles, but the video will probably be focused on anti-depressants and their effects on the mind.

Metal is Forever by Primal Fear= a really pretentious video that glorifies metal. Plenty of shots of Living Martyr playing, wacky corpsepaint and many outrageous poses. Ya know what I mean

Nymphetamine by Cradle of Filth= some pseudodoom crying video, with a guy hiding in a corner crying for some reason, and plenty of graveyard shots.

Stone the Crows by Down- just a standard video of a guitarist playing around and some shots of birds. Very simple and Southern, like the original video.

When the Walls go Down by Evergrey= not totally sure why, but I am really drawn towards this song, but I very little ideas for a video..any ideas?

Or any ideas for videos for any songs by Iron Maiden or DIO?

I am open to suggestions, but I have to have the lyrics submitted for approval by Monday. I was already approved to use Enlightened by the Cold, Medicated Nation, and My Sweet Shadow.
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