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Originally Posted by anthraxmosher
I see where youre coming from. Youre right. I shouldnt think like that. I tend to respect peoples opinions on stuff like that. Its just that im sick of people talking shit about our troops. I got a little carried away, Ill admit. Im big into politics but this isnt the place for me to bring up politics. The post was about Slayer and I shouldnt have dragged the whole war thing into the picture. Kudos to you for saying that. Getting a rise out of people is actually quite fun.
well, you certainly got a rise out of me . . . i was already think what my next post would be . . . congrats for turning the other cheek, i know i would have kept hurling shit until one of us got banned

to be honest though, i think you are blurring the line between talking shit about our troops and talking shit about the president. I support our troops . . . i think its really sad that many of them are going to war in a foreign country and getting killed because they have no other jobs available to them. i think it is sad that they are dying for a cause that really isnt benifiting anybody at all. I trully hope that they all come back safe. On the other hand, i think that Bush is responsible for the deaths of many of these soldiers and is wasting their lives on a war with no point (like vietnam). Just giving you an example . . . try not to see things so black and white, remember there is a gray area where the majority of peoples opinions are located, and by making a statement like "If you dont support our president then you are a terrorist" you will not only piss a lot of people off, but make them think you are not as smart as you acually are.
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