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Originally Posted by anthraxmosher
Slayer is one of the best thrash bands out there and one of my favorite bands. Its good to see a band finally showing there support for our troops. God knows not enough people support our troops or the president. Stupid tree huggers. They die so you can bitch about what they do. You should support them and the president. You guys are just like the stupid hippies that protested the Vietnam War. The sad thing is, theres always gonna be people like you around. If you dont support our troops and our president you support terrorism.
you are a complete fucking fanatic idiot. if you dont support our troops and our president you support terrorism? you have got to be fucking kidding me. Did you drop out of highschool or are you a fucking retard??

that is one of the stupidest posts i have ever read. Even people who support the war should be embarressed at that post. Im pretty neutral about stuff like that, and everybody's opinions are ok with me, but that is so fucking dumb i cant even begin to understand what goes on in your mind.

is it possible to ban someone for plain stupidity??

fuck you, you fucking stupid fascist.
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