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Originally Posted by Div
Set a court date for catfood? What the fuck is this, Communist Russia? Police raiding schools is FACSISM plain and simple. The cops in this case are no better then terrorists. It's part of trying to brainwash kids into accepting those type of situations as normal.

I would of told those cops to fuck off, this pisses me off so much. Fucking gestapo pricks.
ummm...did you not see my corrected post? They didnt set a court date. I was exagerrating. They didnt raid my car. They walked the dogs around on the parking lot and made them sniff around. The dogs got a hit, and kindly asked me if they could search my car, and the principal even told me I had the right to accept or deny their request. They went through the car (while I watched, after giving permission) and they found the bag full of canned catfood. When we got parking passes at the beginning of the year all had to agree that we were not to bring illegal substances onto the school property (IE the parking lot.)

They were very lax. Not gestapo. Very professional, I have to say

You are overreacting like it were a dihydrogen oxide spill or something
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