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Damn Police Dogs

Today our high school had a lockdown. All windows were to be locked, blinds pulled down, student ushered into their respective first periods, doors locked, and all rooms shut off to anyone that was not faculty. The purpose was 1)Simulate a hostage situation or strange person in building and 2) drug sniffing by dogs of the lockers (hallway and gym) and student parking lot. And guess whose car got a hit....MINE! So the principal came down, and took me to my car, where the police preceeded to search my car and subsequently found me stash. I wasnt arrested, but they set a court date.

Fucking sucks. My whole family is pissed. My teachers and friends wont talk to me. I cant drive. My mom isnt home right now, so that is why I am online, for a short while at least.

Dammit. How foolish of me.
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