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Originally Posted by theclansman1114
Actually, the cops were pretty cool from what they said and such. He asked me if it was cool to search my car, I practically laughed and said for him to go for it.
That night was very random, awesome show, and I didn't get home til 3. Well worth it. The name of the band we missed was Dirty Sanchez.

Hmmm, I dont really know what else to add. Dt covered all the basics pretty well I must say.

But we kid you not: "A HEAVY METAL CONCERT!!!" Was immediately followed by "Sir, step out of the car please."

I don't know man, you could've been hiding drugs in your bowling bag.

Just funny, cause when it comes to drugs we're 2 of the cleanest people I know.

But yeah, all things aside that was one of the best nights of my life I'd say... the randomness attributed to it's greatness.
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