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True Metal America (Local Tour Name) -- Hoboken, NJ -- October 29th, 2006

Alright, well, this review is gonna have to be done in 3 parts. There's just far too much to tell for me to do it in just one, but first I'll start with an overview:

The event was called "True Metal America", and featured several bands worthy of mention: Twisted Tower Dire, Attacker, and Sacred Oath. It was at a very small resturaunt/club venue called Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ. In attendance was myself, theclansman1114, and edenguy

Pt. 1: The Quest to Hoboken
Alright, I'm from Allentown, PA. According to MapQuest directions, it should take me an hour and a half to get from my house to Hoboken, NJ... I know it never really figures in traffic and such, so I figured if I left at 3:30 and wanted to get there around 5:30 I'd be in good shape. I was horribly mistaken. Upon almost immediate entrance into New Jersey, we sat in bumper to bumper traffic for over a half hour due to construction. Once it cleared, we were still in good shape, but due to various road closures and bad directions, we managed to take a wrong turn about 10 minutes from our desitination which cost us almost an hour worth of time. We wound up having to stop at a rest are and ask a trucker for directions, which luckily were helpful. Eventually, we managed to reach our destination at 7 PM... 3 and a half hours after departure.

Pt. 2: The Show
Alright, due to our late arrival, we missed the first band. I can't even remember their name, and I'm pretty sure they weren't worth seeing anyway. We arrived as Sacred Oath were beginning their soundcheck. They played a very good set. I was quite impressed, though I felt bad for them, being the extreme lack of people there that seemed to care. It was sort of a blend of power, thrash, and traditional metal. Pretty good stuff. I can't be sure on an exact set list, but this should be relatively close:
The End, Two Powers, The Omen, Message to the Children, A Crystal Vision, The Ferryman's Lair, Rising From the Grave

Alright, next up was Twisted Tower Dire. I know at least a few people here have heard of them, and as well they should. These guys are just great. It's not the most unique and groundbreaking thing I've ever heard, hell, it's not even close, but it's fucking great for what it is. The band puts on one hell of a great show, surprising since they just recently got a new singer, who did a very good job with the songs. Their set was unfortunately short, but you can't have everything.
Twisted Tower Dire set list:
Battle Cry (Intro), Guardian Bloodline, When the Daylight Fades, Axes and Honor, The Final Stand, Starshine, By My Hand, At Night
After their set, we got to talk to basically all the band members. All 4 of those who were on it signed my Crest of the Martyrs CD, and the singer gave me the set list and signed it for me. Unfortunately my camera died, otherwise I'd have pictures.

Alright, we then left for a little bit to grab some food, as none of us had eaten in a loong time. We wound up at a pizza place, which claimed to be "Home of the world's largest slice"... and definately the largest I've seen. Good stuff. We finished up and headed back up the block and back inside.
Upon our re-entry, Attacker was already into their set, I'd guestimate about 3 songs or so into it. They played about 10 songs I'd say, but unfortunately I don't know many titles, as they didn't announce like anything and I'm not familar enough with their stuff to know. I was quite imprssed by a lot of their music, lots of great guitar harmonies, but I wasn't too into Bob's vocals.

After the show, we talked to the guys from Sacred Oath and Bob Mitchell from Attacker for almost an hour inside... Then left around like 11 or so.

Pt. 3: The Quest Homeward
Alright, after the show, we had to give Eden a ride home, and we hung out at his house for a while, eventually leaving around maybe midnight or so. Then on the way home, surprise, surprise, we got lost. More than once. Now I mean no personal offense to you New Jersey folk on this board, as I know there are several, but your state's road system is the worst I've seen in my life. It's so random and disorganized. It's basically asking anyone to get lost if they're not 100% certain where they're going. And god forbid you know you're going the wrong way, you can't turn around without taking like 2 other roads, both of which toll you like $2 for about a 5 minute drive. Just rediculous. Anyway, end rant.
Eventually, we found a tollbooth operator who gave us proper help in finding the road we needed to get us back in the PA... and everything was going great... sure at this point it was almost 1:30 in the morning, but at least we knew we were gonna get home correctly... When all of a sudden...

We got pulled over.
Yep. We weren't speeding, neither of us were drinking or doing drugs, nothing wrong, but we got pulled over. The conversation that ensued went something like this:
Cop:"Where are you folks coming from?"
Us: "Hoboken"
Cop:"And what were you doing there?"
Us: "We were at a concert"
Cop: "What kind of concert?"
Us: "A Heavy Metal concert"
Cop: "Step out of the car"
Yep, I shit you not. It seems as though upon immdeiate mention of our attendance at a metal show, we were suspected of drug use and things of the such. So, I was asked to step out first... I had to interlock my fingers and such while the cop searched my pockets and patted me down, and they did the same to my friend, searched the car, etc... It was almost funny cause we both knew there was no way in hell of them finding anything that would incriminate us. So, after a few minutes, we were free to go with no charges, tickets, fines, etc... And eventually we arrived back home at almost 2:30 AM.

So, one question lingers... was this hellstorm of misfortunes worth it for the show? I must say...
Last night was one of the best times I've had in my life, bar none...

And really, I had the best of all ways to start stories today:
"Now I don't know what you were doing at 1:30 this morning, but I was getting drug searched by police in another state"

Ah yes... Nice little niche I've carved out for myself, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
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