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Bring Your Daughter...

We had an awesome moment in band practice the other day. I pulled out the first guitar I ever bought, a cheap Squier electric that came as part of a $200 pack (you know, everything a beginner needs: amp, cables, etc.) - the strings hadn't even been changed on the poor thing in two years. I just started playing some old stuff I haven't touched in an equal amount of years. Back when I got the guitar, I primarly taught myself how to play from Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden songs. So I just started jamming - what I can still remember - from some songs. Of course our whole band is familiar with Maiden's catalog, but we only have one Maiden song that is a fully polished show-ready cover ("The Wicker Man".)

Anyways, I started playing "Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter" - a song which I think is a lot of fun to play. Well, nobody else really knows how specifically to play it, but our vocalist has a huge stack of lyrics floating around, so he quickly grabbed the lyrics, and we just started charging into the song head first.

We do a lot of random jams like this, but none turned out quite as awesome as this one did. I was able to remember the majority of the song, and had a lot of fun with it (tons of whammy, pick scrapes, etc.) and the vocalist really got into it to. We even threw a really cool ending on it. It ended up sounding so good, we're gonna start practicing and polishing it for inclusion in the set now. Not so much as a serious song, but more a fun/jammy type song. (It's just too weird/stupid to take seriously.)

Just thought you all should know
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