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Skid Row -- New York City, NY -- October 29th, 2006

Since I am lucky enough to live in the city, and take advantage of concerts like this I just HAD to go. This was a FREE concert, at the New Hard Rock cafe in times square (they moved from 57th st about a year ago?) promoted by eddie trunk the NYC/ VH1 classic, Metal-DJ. To promote their new record, Revolutions Per Minute.

Now, I saw skid Row back in the day opening for Bon Jovi before they took off big, and I knew their day would come. Well, it came and went along with all other hair metal. But some bands are still chugging along, and skid row is trying to keep it going. Good for them, they still rocked, sounded great with a new singer (since 2000, apparently) and new drummer, who plays great, and looks like the blink 182 guy (lots of tats!!!). The new singer has a bit of a Bret Michaels look going on, (bandana over blond hair, with formed straw cowboy hat), but at least its stylish and works well for him. Snake sabo, and Scotti Hill basically look the same as they did, both played great, and Rachel Bolan, has a shorter spikey do, and has lost the nose chain (much better imho). Unfortunately, the weakest link in the group is now the singer, who is caught between having to fill Bach's vocals an almost impoossible job, and stake out his own persona. Don't get me wrong, He has a pretty-good voice, but not really the extreme top to fill Bach's highest screams, then again, who does. The new songs were good, and I am definitely going to pick up this record to support.

There were a lot of people in really great costumes, as there was a give away of a big box of cd's and signed guitar and so-forth.

VIP's in the crowd included Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth, Dave Ellefson, KISS mgr. Doc McGhee, and Mike Piazza. (managed a pic with piazza but it didn't turn out) but did get pics of the crazy finale, will try to post soon)

OK the set list,
(I mean thats what we're here for, the music DUH?)

Thick is the skin (new?)
Piece of me
Sweet little sister
New Generation
18 and Life
Monkey Business
Another Dick in the system (new)
Big Guns
Psychotherapy (Rachel on vocals)
I Remember You
Disease (new)
Slave to the Grind
Beat Yourself Blind
(Snake guitar solo)
Strength (new, cover of "The Alarm")
Youth Gone Wild
with eddie trunk, Mike Piazza, and others on stage for back-up vocals

If you liked skid row back in the day, I definitely recommend checking them out again. They have a quick little club tour going on (with King's X!!), check their web site for dates!!!

Until next time, my fellow bangers!
"Live to fly, fly to live, Do or Die, Aces High!"
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