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God where do I begin????????????????

Star Wars (the original in 1977) was done as a "real" Sci-Fi to try and be more like the old Serial films of the 40's and 50's but with the best effects the 70's could offer. Lucas borrowed so much from so many other movies, (Forbidden Planet, 2001, etc, (even the soundtrack, is very derivative of many famous classical pieces) Just listen to Holst "The Planets", and Stravinsky "the rite of spring", then put on the star wars soundtrack, you'll hear what i'm talking about.

Like all kids, I ate , slept, breathed star wars.

The movie was such a total smash success phenomenon, that a sequal was inevitable, in an era when sequals were NOT the norm. I myself as a young lad of 7-8 saw the original 8 times in the theater, and (once in German!! yes army brat),

Later when Jedi came out I thought OK its dorky, with the teddy bears, but they wrapped up the story. (You all know it was supposed to be the wookie planet, right? but that wasn't feasable back then, as no CGI yet) Hence all the "little people" actors

Anyway years later, Lucas is getting older, hasn't had anything to do except manage his starwars empire of cash and merchandise, and various rereleases, he decides to do the pre-quel trilogy. And what happens???, he makes this movie (episode 1) where every single fucking scene is designed to sell a TOY, or some sucky merch., or promote the VIDEO GAME (is there any other reason for thar stupid pod race????). And I did think the charcters, were very stereotypically racist, Jar-Jar - jamaican, those fish guys were asian, the junk saleman- Arab. I was shaking my head all through the first sitting that midnight first show back in 1999.

Lucas ruined it for me. Yes , 2 and 3 ended up being a little better, but the damage was done, for me.

Where am I going with all this?
oh yeah, if you already own a trilogy, DONT buy these new ones, just rent them, watch and compare, they are just Lucas' way of milking more money out of his star wars faithful. If he really cared, He would have released it as a single mid-price disc, not the pricey double disc with the same "NEW" version we all already bought!!!!!

Oh yeah, the first ring movie I had a bad theater experience, but the next 2, I loved it, and I do like them, but I just can't find time to watch them again, there all SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG!!!!!
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