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Here is what Rod said about the show:

:: 26-October-2006 3:15 pm
Rod Smallwood has checked in from Tokyo, Japan on the A Matter Of Life And Death World Tour:

"The show at Verizon Amphitheatre LA (October 21st) was all we could have hoped for and more. I got down there at about 5pm to check it out and meet some old friends from out old label in America Capitol. They did great by us in the eighties and l have always kept in touch. It was perfect weather for the gig - warm, sunny and little or no wind - for outdoor shows any wind can play havoc with the sound. Checked in with Dougie our sound man - we usually get a great sound at this gig and the layout of the arena is really good for sound and that night would prove to be no exception. Had a wander round outside and on stage and backstage - great vibe everywhere, you can feel the really good shows beforehand usually..."
Bullet couldn't do this show so we used 3 Inches of Blood who did really well. Had a chat with them afterwards. Nice blokes - made a mental note that they would be good to use in future if it came up.

Saw a number of other old friends of the band and myself leading up to going on. Its good to keep in touch with people. One amusing incident was when l was walking past the side of the stage and 3 guys walked quickly past onto the stage holding cups of beer and wearing only vip passes. Vips don't get you on stage and l certainly don't want anyone on stage slopping round beer in open cups so l called them back straight away to ask where they thought they were going and basically throw them off. Nicko's drum tech Charlie came over and said it was a friend of his - a fellow Canadian - Woody Harrelson!! Got to be one of my favourite actors who has made some terrific movies (and TV) so they were asked to get off more politely!!

Anyway the gig was amazing. I already told you it had sold out over a week before (16,000) and we really limited any comps the hall/promoter/band often request so the fans could be there not liggers!!! The atmosphere was terrific and the crowd did us proud. Thank LA . Ranked almost alongside Quebec as the best of the tour so far. The seats there rise steeply from the front of the stage where there is a pit for about 200 and at the back of about 1200 seats are about 4000 on the lawns. I like to go onstage for the last encore song to see the audience and here is looked amazing - everyone stood with arms held high lit by the blinders. Definitely had goose pimples.

This was the last show in north America and the whole thing went extremely well. Band really starting to fire up now and all production and sound aspects working well. We were concerned going into it how the US audiences in particular would react to us doing the whole of the album - we thought it may be hard work but every night the audience was with us. So thanks to every one of you.

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