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Originally Posted by MetalDrummer888
shut up addi . . . you used to love them, just because their new albums suck doesnt mean you have to go off the deep end and say they all do. Listen to a song like "Swim". You cant possibly say that there wasnt a lot of songwriting talent in In Flames (even if there isnt now)
I wish they did know how to "swim", but instead they sunk like a fucking 20-ton weight after Clayman They stuff they put out before that was good though, especially The Jester Race, which probably is an album most people who like this nu-metal garbage they put out now have never heard of. Otherwise I think they'd be quite disheartened themselves.

It isn't about a change in style; I love it when bands evolve and change. However, when the quality is lost and they obviously only care for the money (interesting time to launch an American radio campain 15 years into their career) it really upsets me. That's why I don't give a shit about bands they them anymore. Bodom got a jumpstart on that path themselves, after the next album they will get to follow the footsteps of once-great bands like In Flames, Lacuna Coil, etc that chose to go down a little different path than the one they went down when their hearts were in it. Anyone who can't tell the difference should proabbly take a closer listen and look at the way the bands conduct themselves even. Arch Enemy thankfully saved themselves from this fate with 'Doomsday Machine', otherwise I would have thought them next in line. Mastodon survived as well. Who will be next to fall no one yet knows....
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