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Originally Posted by es156
I don't either. But can you imagine what 2007 will be like if Ozzy does a solo tour, Dio and Iommi tour as Heaven & Hell, and then the original Sabbath lineup does a tour?

This is cool, and I believe this bit. H&H is supposed to tour in early 2007. No problem. Ozzy's gonna have a solo album + tour to contend with. Probably in the summer the original Sabbath will tour. That's great, I think they're a great band live and I have no problem bending over and letting Sharon do nasty things to my ass in order to see them live. And maybe... just maybe... the whole Dio business was just enough incentive to get Ozzy to change his mind on the Sabbath album. Because frankly, I'm sure Sharon is behind it 100% (it should be a great pay day for her.) And honestly, if "Scary Dreams" is any indication of what those guys can still produce, I say: bring it on!
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