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Originally Posted by Maiden33
I don't agree there. I think that it's perfectly reasonable to see a movie or read a book and be really inspired by it to the point that you want to write about it yourself.
It's not like Circle II Circle had a whole lot of commercial potential that this album was going to make them popular regardless of what they did and I think they know that... so I don't believe it's a "cash in".
Well, here's the thing, we're not talking a single song, we're talking an album. Plus we're talking about making an album based off of a book that somebody else wrote a few years ago and turning it into an album the same year a gigantic blockbuster movie is also being released about said book.

That's true, but I think they definitely have tried to use the whole DaVinci Code concept to generate extra sales and attention. Even the title, Burden of Truth, is obviously a thinly veiled reference to the "plot" of DaVinci Code.

It's one thing to write a song about somebody else's work, it's one thing to take your own work and adapt it into an album, but it's a whole 'nother thing to take somebody else's book and write an album off of it. Especially when the book is an uninteresting turd in the first place.

Maybe if Stevens had chosen an interesting, or obscure, or less... let's just say very recent hugely popular book, I'd be more interested.

I'm going to have to cut this short to work on my new album - it's based off of Star Wars
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