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I had the previlledge of buying a beer (a corona with lime) and a JD & coke to Rod Smallwood himself at the hotel bar in Québec city, and before the band arrived we had time to chat for a good half hour at the bar. He was sooo fucking nice, it's not even funny, I show him pictures of my Harley, my kids everything, he was really like an old friend. When I told him I was bringing my son to the Montreal gig, he offered me to go with him on the sounboard !!! Wich I declined because I was with other people too. He was crazy about our beavers concept. And he was very please that we had made a T for him and the boys.

Here is a pic of us chating, the fellow freak who Rod is tapping the shoulder is yours trully !!

A random pic in the bar

A pic that my friend took and had e mailled to Rod himself and he latter hosted it on the IMOC

What a evening !!

Oh yes, the next Maiden tour...

2008, and it will cover the whole eighties era. But shhhhhhhhttt don't tell anyone

Cheers !
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