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Originally Posted by neilpeartjr.
Very cool, but kinda weird how Bill Ward's coming along for the ride, since he's one of the guys who thinks that Sabbath isn't Sabbath without the four original members. Then again, it's not 'Black Sabbath'

He probably needs the money.
Exactly. This isn't Black Sabbath.

Seriously though, Bill's a good guy, and he did drum on Heaven and Hell. Now, he didn't drum on Mob Rules or Dehumanizer, but, if you'll remember... he played a few shows with Black Sabbath on the Cross Purposes Tour, so these new shows (if they happen) will not be the first time he's played Black Sabbath material he didn't originally drum on.

Dio's a class act all the way though. I love how he calls the Ozzy set the "best part of it all."

Maybe when you're that short you just never bother getting on a high horse in the first place...
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