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Originally Posted by PowerMaiden
I had the best after show party ever in Québec city, we were about 30 beavers who had the honor of sharing a bar with every single member of Iron Maiden (exept for Nicko) for almost 3 hours. Staf from EMI canada, friends of the band, Gadsy or who ever is the name of their on tour pic man, anyway, that was the best night of my life. I talk one on one with Rod for a good half hour, he's so cool. We went from our fav Maiden songs to new about Maiden next tour, yes my friens PowerMaiden has got full of inside from the Maiden camp hehehe..

this one is taken in the afternoon, at the hotel

I'll post some more latter

Cheers !

I don't know wether I'm more jealous you got first hand info on the tours or wether you have that scarf. I can't find one anywhere

But damn, I thought my Queensryche encounter was unique, this totally blows it away! You're very lucky, that seems like it was a very special once in a lifetime thing
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