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Thumbs up Circle II Circle - Burden of Truth

I know, there's an album reviews forum, but this isn't really a review.

There's a few Savatage fans on this board, and as you may know, Circle II Circle is the new band of ex-Tage frontman Zak Stevens, and they just released their new album, Burden of Truth, a concept album based around the story of the Da Vinci Code.
All I can say is WOW. Amazing album. I've been playing it regularly for 3 weeks now since I got it, and it still is just incredible. Easily wins my #2 album of 2006 slot, and who knows, in the weeks to go left in the year might even overtake the new Maiden album.
It's better than the other two CIIC albums, and argueably better than all of Zak's albums with Savatage.
I just wanted to tell everyone that they should definately check this out. It's just amazing. Almost every track is a killer song, very catchy, yet very heavy. It also features several "odes to Tage", being the presence of piano on some tunes, and the KILLER "vocal round" in the title track. I just wanted to recommend this album to basically everyone, cause it blew even my expectations away who is a HUGE Zak Steves / Savatage fan.
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