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I got there pretty early and just chilled in my car listening to some Maiden boots, talking to people around me and drinking some Corona's until Oscar and his friends showed up. I met up with them and then Ed eventually met us up. It was definitely very fun!

From my area people were standing the whole time. It looked like most of them didnt really know the new album but they still cheered, headbanged and were excited about them. I kept looking back to the entire venue and it was magnificient seeing this place so packed!!

Maiden were perfect! This was my 2nd favorite show by them (the first being the reunion show) and its amazing how so much better AMOLAD sounds live. The band was so tight, so under control and showed so much energy. The Tank Eddie was unbelievable!!

I bought the Maiden baseball jersey, the bandana (which I am hanging on my wall) and the sticker set.
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