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Ok, I'll try to do it in english now since I have a bit of time.

well I'll skip the pre show things and go straight to the concerts.

First, Exodus was really a nice surprise for me, I had never heard or see them before and their old school speed\thrash metal was awesome to me, it never stops, nice bridges solos. Everybody was going at it, in the mosh pit and around me (in the seats upstairs) we were headbanging heavily.

THey have a new singer my friend told me and he sounds a lot like Phil Anselmo (Pantera) but a bit heavier. His voice fit the music really well. And another funny thing is one of their guitar player has the same faces as Tony Iommy with the same goddamn hair that Ronnie James Dio has. But the guy headbanged during the whole damn gig and really loudly, wow his neck must have hurt after the show..

With Children Of Bodom that I saw opening for Iced Earth, it was one of the best opening band that I've saw in a long time.

So everything was readdy for MEGADETH...

First of all even before their set started the crowd was really ready to rock. And when they played ''Run To The Hills'' in the place, everybody sang really loud. It was fucking cool to hear that. ''Run To The Hills...Run For Your Liiaaaavess''. Super cool .

So the lights when down and as an intro it was the music of the song ''Black Sabbath'' but with different lyrics (it wasn't Ozzy's voice). And then Dave arrived with just plain jeans and a black T-shirt armed with his flying V and started the ''Set The World Afire'' riff. Immediattly the pit started to move. Great song for me, SFSGSW beiing one of my all time best Megadeth album.

Then ''Skin O My Teeth'', a song that, until yesterday I didn't liked at all, but I admit, last night performance made me saw the light. Really cool and the pit was going crazy.

Then ''The Scorpion'' same thing, amazing how much this song kick ass live, the main lead of the song (at the beginning) was really great and doing it for me live.

Like I said in french, it was probably the biggest surprise to me that, all the new songs worked perfectly ''live'', even ''Of Mice And Men'' a song that I find really average on the album was cool last night.

But 2 of them, ''Something That I'm Not'' and ''Back In The Day'' near the end of the concert were really . Musically everybody in the house were thrashing and jumping everywhere during those 2. Even ''Die Dead Enought'' saw is loads of head banging.

But the thing I was looking for the most were not the new songs, for me it was the classics...

so let's talk about them a bit:

''Wake Up Dead'', like I said before , madness started there

''In My Darkest Hour'' probably my best song of the concert cause of the emotion that Dave putted into it. And the heavy part at the end was really magic !!...

''Tornado Of Souls'', musically one of the best too, wow, do they have a lot of good songs, I had forgotten how much that one kicked ass

''A Tout Le Monde'', I had never digged that one really, but the french chorus sing by 2300 people with their fists in the air would cheer up even the most skeptical fan (is that the way to spell skeptical ?? hehehe..) Great song live , really

''Hangar 18'' was definately the most welcome song of the evening overall, as soon as the first riff was played, the mosh pit became dangerous, nothing less, and for me, at the balcony, it was pure beauty to see all that aggression spreaded everywhere. Just that one was worth the ticket price.

''Trust'' was awesome too, always been one of my fave btw, and it did great last night.

I didn't talked about ''Sweating Bullets'' in french, and to be honest, it's just that I can't stand that one, and really yesterday night didn't do it for me. Well it was the only one that I didn't enjoyed, not bad after all.

Last 3 were ''Symphony Of Destruction'', ''Peace Sells'' and ''Holy Wars'', so, no need to say that a nuclrar bomb wouldn't have made the pit move more hehehe...

(they also played ''Angry Again'' (great btw) and maybe one or 2 that I didn't mentionned)

Overall a really great show, Dave was talking to us a bit between the songs and most of the times concentrating on his playing during the songs. Not much chemistry between him and the others. James was great on bass but most of times he was staying on his side in the back ( well he was doing that in Iced Earth too so...). But at least he seems to really enjoy the gig.

The 2 Drover brothers were ok, I mean their playing were impeccable but they are obviously just guest musicians I think. And you can compared them with Nick and Marty..

but I had a great night so, next time Megadeth is near your home...

...just do it !!!

Cheers !!!

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