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Vocals: Ronnie James Dio
Guitar: Tony Iommi
Bass: Geezer Butler
Drums: Vinny Appice

1. Die Young
2. Falling off the Edge of the World
3.Computer God
4.After All
5.Voodoo/Bad Blood (medley)
6.Heaven and Hell
7.TV Crimes
8.Iron Man
9.The Mob Rules
10.Country Girl
11.Children of the Sea
12.Neon Knights
14.Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
15.Sign of the Southern Cross
16.Master of Insanity
17. N.I.B.

18.Slipping Away (Bass/Guitar Call and Response Jam)
19.Children of the Grave
20. Turn up the Night
I got no place, no name, I'm just a killing machine
I keep the population down, if you know what I mean
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