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Originally Posted by sneakbobcat
I think we are just going to get it done proffesionally though.
The problem with that is you would normally pick up a lot of background sound etc. The recording does sound very good though.
But did it not cost a lot for the mixer and mics and equiptment?
That's cool, professional is the way to go

Yes, and we do. We play in my basement, and yesterday's demo, for instance, was recorded in our practice area, so it picks up a lot of noise. But for our final demo stuff, there's a room connected to our practice area that is insulated, and we use it for the recordings. There's usually no noise in there, and the computers sit outside of the room, so no fan noise or anything. Not professional, but close!

In short, yes it's expensive, however, everything we use to record we also use live. The Yamaha 16-channel mixer was about $400, but it's the mixer for our PA as well. The drum mics are about a $70 setup - they're very cheap. We have two $100 vocal mics, which are used from drums during recordings as well. And again, everything else (bass amp + cab) is used live, so while it was expensive, we use the stuff a lot! We actually have the drums miced during our practices too, which explains why we're all deaf...
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