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Originally Posted by sneakbobcat
how did you record that?
Cause my band are going to a recording studio this week, tips would be much appreciated .
Well, since this is just a rough demo it's not exactly how we'd record for a final song, but it's close:

We start by figuring out the tempo we want to record with. It's usually close to how we practice it, but sometimes we decide to slow it down, or speed it up slightly. Once we have the tempo we lay down guitar and bass first. This is odd, I know, but our drummer prefers it. The bass is through an Ampeg head and cabinet, which we mic. These mics run to a 16 channel Yamaha mixer. My guitar is not amped, it's a direct stereo feed from a Zoom GFX-4 (it's a piece of shit) or a GFX-8 (which belongs to the other guitarist) - for "Messiah" I used my GFX-4. The stereo feed also dumps into the mixer. We have three computers set up. Each one has a different bus from the mixer. For guitar and bass we only needed two computers. One computer recorded my stereo guitar tracks, and the other recorded the left bass microphone and the right bass microphone onto separate tracks.

We record guitar and bass at the same time, so we each have headphones. We hear a metronome and each other. Once we finish, we move the recording from two computers back to one and line it up. Once it's lined up, we record drums. The drummer hears the guitar and bass through headphones (and also his own microphones.)

We have six drum microphones for recording. We actually mic more than that live, but our current recording system is limited to six. We have a kick-mic, a snare mic- two tom mics, and two overheads. These all go to the mixer, and then the mixer sends them to the three computers. The tom microphones, for example, would be a left and a right track on one of the computers.

After the drums are done, we have to line up all six of those tracks to the bass and guitar, which takes a minute, but not much more.

You can actually hear the metronome on our recording at the end, because we forget to chop it off when we were mixing it. At the moment, all our computers use Adobe Audition 1.5 - that's what we're recording and mixing with.

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