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Originally Posted by powerslave_85
Musically, it's really solid. And the solo isn't as bad as you say it is. I'll be interested to hear it with vocals!

Yeah, I will be too actually, since we have a new vocalist and a new vocal line (this song used to be something totally different with our old vocalist in another a band.)

Here's the lyrics:

But a man came to you—said he’d be your savior
He promised that he’d set you free—if you did’m a favor
“There’s some people out there, son, that’d keep you here
They’d rather keep you locked away, and riddled full of fear,”
“But I’ve got a plan, man, don’t be afraid
A little planned destruction is gonna get you paid!”

I’ve never had to kill a man—‘til I was ordered to—
Opened my eyes to the sins they willfully pursued,
Necessary casualties, just victims of themselves
And now I’ll send them on their way, to feel the wrath of hell
I do my master’s work, and leave my will behind
Sow the seeds of vengeance through the land of the blind


I can’t explain to you, the way that I feel
This pain inside me just cannot be real
I know what I’m doin’ is wrong, but I just can’t quit
The angel on my wing is Death, and forever he shall sit
I have been following an unholy, hateful lie
When I think about it now, I think I’d rather die

I didn't write 'em, our new guy did. It's part of a two song concept. It's a little (a lot?) cheesy, but it's counter-acted by the second song, which I did write.
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