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The Official MetalSetlists.Com Top Ten Albums of 2006 Rules

Welcome to the second annual (third overall, long story) year-end album polls here at, the web’s authority for heavy metal setlists. For those of you new to this process, I’ll explain what takes place. You post your ten favorite albums of the past year, in order, and I give them points based on their position (#1 gets 10 points, #2 gets 9 points, etc.) At the end of the polling session (December 15-December 31), I take the results and post the board’s top ten albums for the year 2006. There have been certain questions as to the exact rules, so I’ll try to address all of those as briefly as possible.

1) There is no rule against choosing non-metal albums. Just because we’re a metal community doesn’t mean all we listen to is metal. Feel free to choose albums from any genre you want, but don’t come crying to us if nothing you chose makes the board’s top ten.

2) Be honest. Don’t look at past posts, realize that an album you like isn’t going to make the top ten, and make it your number one. That takes away the genuineness of the entire thing, so please, don’t.

3) You can’t vote for the following: greatest hits collections, compilation albums, movie soundtracks (unless they are original scores), singles, and live albums. EPs and splits are fine as long as they're all material not featured on a separate full-length.

4) If an album came out in 2005 in Europe, but 2006 over here, it doesn't count. Whenever it came out first is when, for our purposes, it officially came out.

5) I’m fairly proficient in what’s come out this year, so if something in your list is suspicious, I plan to check your facts. It has to qualify to be counted.

6) The Filipczyk Corollary: If you only bought five albums this year, your #1 is only worth five points. This doesn’t mean you can vote for twenty and have your #1 worth twenty points; ten is the limit.

Most of all, have fun with it. Even though it’s our official list, it’s not official to anyone but us, so don’t make this a matter of life and death (even though I’m sure you will, wink wink).

-Brad Sanders

Mods, can I get either a sticky or a "bulletin" thing? I want this up early so, over the course of the next two months, anyone who wanders by has the chance to read it and be aware of it. Thanks.
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