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Originally Posted by powerslave_85
Dude, FUCK that. I would've told them to fuck off. Shit, sometimes I don't blame Bruce for some of the stuff he says about American fans...

That's awesome though. Steve finally saw Maiden!!

there was another guy and his girlfriend next to me who didnt sit down, then the guy came down to his row and is like "sit down we cant see" and he said "then stand up!".

then security removed him because he wouldnt sit down. i mean wtf, this was a fuckin rock concert youre not supposed to act like a little bitch.

another gay thing was that the front row was almost completly empty, but they wouldnt let anyone sit there.

and I made it there JUST in time. the traffic was so bad it took me 3 and a half hours to get from the ferry in weehawken to giants stadium.
apparently maiden knew about the traffic and held off starting for 15 mins.

after the amolad the energy in the place just exploded, it was awesome

- edit: oh yea, and there was an elderly couple sitting right infront of me. at first i wondered why they were even there because they didnt seem very into it, but once 2 mins to midnight came on i saw the old lady throw her hands up. it was cool seeing fans that old still supporting the band

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