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W.A.S.P -- Belgrade, Serbia -- October 10th, 2006

Just thought some of you guys would like to see the set W.A.S.P has been doing on this tour...

01.On Your Knees
02.Hate To Love Me
03.L.O.V.E. Machine
04.Wild Child
05.Arena Of Pleasure
06.The Headless Children
08.Sleeping In The Fire
09.The Idol
10.I Wanna Be Somebody
11.Chainsaw Charlie
12.Blind In Texas

Pretty much the standard W.A.S.P setlist, but they are playing ' The Arena Of Pleasure ' for the first time I think since the Crimson Idol tour and it kicks ass! It's also nice to see them playing all of ' Chainsaw Charlie ' and not having it stuck in a medley. Overall, pretty average set.
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