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OK Frengo I get your point. Frankly I would love to hear some stuff from Brave New World, and Dances, Even the Blaze records, but you know what? any Maiden at all is fine by me. it all RULES, and since this is the new record, and Bruce said he wanted to do the whole thing, be it. Now,... this isn't "Mindcrime", it doesn't NEED to be in order, that part's a little strange to me... but whatever they want to do. My best guess is that perhaps it will help to keep the flow going by doing it in order they way we fans have been listening to it. I don't play it on shuffle, do any of you?

Sidebar--(I recently saw the reunited Asia here in NYC and they played the whole first record, NOT in order, throughout the show, closing with Heat of the Moment, their first song on the first record and biggest hit of their career, That I understood and fully expected.)

I think the playing of a whole record may be getting in vogue, what with Dark side of the moon tour, Mindcrime, and various others going on.
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