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its true that no one is going to be fully satisfied with the new setlist, but if you're a true fan of iron maiden, you should respect the bands wish/decision to play the whole album.

I do feel some sympathy for the people who are going to see maiden for the first time, as they are only going to experience a few songs from maidens back catalogue,


You should respect this fucking band, they've been going for 25 years and are still doing shows and touring every year, releasing new material and giving youngsters the opportunity to see them live unlike some other old school bands!!!

At least AMOLOD is a good album, imagine id metallica played the entire st. anger album on there "madle in anger with the world" tour!!!! then i can imagine some upset, but maidens new album is a brilliant album.

Bitching and whinning about it is not gonna get you anywhere man, this is iron maiden playing!!!
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