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Originally Posted by Div
I dunno about anyone else, but I find this to be very much a poser band. Has anyone heard cover of Hallowed Be Thy Name? Their goth fans go around saying how its "sooo much better" then Maiden's version. God I hate people.

"omg danni filth is so badass and hardcore" - shut ure fucking mouth!

i think its really stupid when people judge a band by their fans. yea, almost all cradle fans are posers . . . in fact almost every single kid at my school that wears his maiden shirt to school everyday just because it suddenly became cool is a poser. In reality, most kids that maintain that they are "metalheads" are complete posers. But you know what? it doesnt matter. It is all about your personal realtionship with the music you hear. I dont run around with long hair and faded metal shirts and jeans, but i bet you that i know more about meal, can play metal better, and listen to more metal with more dedication than 99% of people that do fill all the stereotypes. Fuck them all . . . they all are fucking losers anyway. One band that i do happen to enjoy is cradle of Filth. I have 2 cds by them, and i only really like one so i can hardly call myself a fan, but i did give them a chance and think that "midian" was a really creative, strong extreme metal album. No, its not black metal, but labelling music according to genres is just stupid anyway. I dont know or want to know any of the kids at my school that wear CoF shirts, because quite frankly they are all losers. But im not going to right a band off as being a poser band just because they have some crappy fans. if you just dont like Cof's sound, which is quite possible, then fine, but dont judge a band by their fans. if you are a band that has released as many albums as CoF and worked hard enough to be able to make being a musician your job, then you are not a poser. Its just that simple . . . even if the band is Blink 182 or some crappy pop band, if you get off your ass and get out of your garage and make some music that people like, then you are not a poser.

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