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Originally Posted by es156
Do you think Dave ever gets suicidal when he realizes that the average Megadeth fan has an IQ roughly equal to that of a drunken wombat?

That's not the case at all. It's not like those were the only fans in the chatroom asking Dave questions. Dave just avoided any of the hardball ones, and really just picked the ones that kissed his ass, even though he tried to act all humble and shit when he answered them.

These were the questions that I sent:

-Hey Dave, I loved the show in Boston, you guys were the best show I've seen live! My question is, rumor has it that you won't play certain songs because of your new found religious beliefs. Not to sound rude, but don't you think its more important to play what the fans want to hear? It's not as if Megadeth songs are all that satanic anyway. (note: this question was sent in by accident)

-Hey Dave, I'm a Sludgeaholic (frequent visitor of and I loved your 20 questions interview with them you did 5 years ago. Ever thought about going back there and doing another one?

-Hey Dave, just so you know, I was the guy in Boston during the photo session back stage who thought it would be funny to do a cunnlingus pose. I was just trying to get a cheap laugh out of everyone, I didn't mean any harm.

-Hey Dave, I heard you decided to bring back Liar. Very nice. Any hope of anything from "Killing Is My Business" coming back to the set (besides Mechanix)?

-Hey Dave, who did you have in mind to headline Gigantour next year?

Now, I understand that Dave didn't have time to answer everyone's questions, but you may notice in that chat certain people got more than one question answered (notably megachic, who thought it would be brilliant to ask 'I'm doing a report on cops' ).

But you know what really pissed me off about that chat? Somewhere in there, someone, not even really asked a question, but rather praised Dave for his "little speech" in Canada wherever it was about the school shootings and A Tout Le Monde. Dave's response? "I'm sorry you thought it was a 'little speech.'"

Jesus fucking Christ Dave! Have all those drugs over the years incapacitated your ability to act as a human being? I'm starting to sound like a blabbermouth poster. Dave, you're a great guitar player, a pretty decent singer, and a great performer, but for fuck's sake, keep your goddamn mouth shut!
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