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The new Maiden setlist

K i know there's been a lot of mixed feelings about the set on the current maiden tour. My friends have been saying "it sucks, nothing from brave new world, or dance of death" or "Its not gonna be same, its gonna be like seeing a new band" and i've just wanted to express my views on the set list, feel free to add yours too!!

in my opinnion its the bollocks that iron maiden are playing the whole of there new album. its such a good record and every song deserves to get played at the show. I'm seeing them in december in london, and of course i will miss some of there earlier stuff, but the regular maiden tracks have been played at every show for the past 15 odd years, its great to attend a show that is going to be near enough 75% new material set!!

I can understand all you "new" maiden fans being pissed off, but i think its great for the old skool fans to hear something different and new. You youngsters should appreciate it!!!

Also i can understand maiden playing the whole album, unlike on the dance of death tour just playing a handful of songs, i think AMOLAD is an excellent achievement to realese something so bold and fresh that revives maiden.

Plus to be honest, i dunno if its true, but in my opinnion maiden must get a bit tired of playing the same old set and same old songs. Last year is evidence of that where on there tour they were just playing material from the first 4 albums, i know that caused upset for the "new" maiden fans, but i fu**ing loved it!!! When are they gonna play that same set again??? and its the same with this tour, when are they gonna play this set again???

People with tickets to the maiden shows, count yourself lucky, this show's gonna go down in history!
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