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Exclamation OMG....AMOLAD

REVELATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just had a major epiphany listening to this album for the first time this evening on vinyl, and I just got hit by an unexpected rush of Maiden euphoria out of nowhere that I had yet to feel from this one yet. It's like everything suddenly "clicked", especially lyrical began to take on different meanings for me. The music, while still unfortunately very predictable, finally started to exude emotion from me as well that I've become familiar with experiences when I listen to the other records. I never disliked this album per se, but up 'till now I had been mostly impartial to it. I'm so glad though that burst of sheer joy and kickassness fucking came in, and I didn't expect it at all I just put the fucking LP on and was washing my mud-caked shoes outside on the patio and I dunno I just got hella into it Even the songs I didn't care for before now I really dig, gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah its so wonderful.

So yeah, just thought I'd share that I've finally come around on this album, and the Maiden kick has returned after being dormant for a few months

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