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Originally Posted by SomewhereInTime72
Ah. Well, since I don't think I'm going to get around to typing a full review (I mean... I just got up from like a 3 hour nap )...

I'd only heard about 2 Isis songs before I saw them, but I was very impressed by their material. They're style, which is sort of what I felt from the two songs, reminded me of a mix of Tool, Mastodon, and Agalloch, except not as fucking amazing as that sounds on paper . They were really good (although nothing compared to Tool) and now I plan on looking into more of their material. I didn't like the singers 'harsh' vocals sometimes, though... they sounded weird. Overall I thought they were much better than the last opening band I saw (Operatika ).
It's funny to see how an outsider not familiar with Isis' genre describes their sound, and you did it with bands you are familiar with, very cool I would never throw Mastodon or Agalloch in there, but the Tool influence is obviously big, especially on the new album. I'm glad you liked them

Isis are gonna tour the U.S with Jesu in February, you guys should keep your eyes peeled for info on that one I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to seeing Isis play a full set.
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