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Originally Posted by ADD
Oh shit SIT72 I forgot to ask what did you think of Isis!?
Ah. Well, since I don't think I'm going to get around to typing a full review (I mean... I just got up from like a 3 hour nap )...

I'd only heard about 2 Isis songs before I saw them, but I was very impressed by their material. They're style, which is sort of what I felt from the two songs, reminded me of a mix of Tool, Mastodon, and Agalloch, except not as fucking amazing as that sounds on paper . They were really good (although nothing compared to Tool) and now I plan on looking into more of their material. I didn't like the singers 'harsh' vocals sometimes, though... they sounded weird. Overall I thought they were much better than the last opening band I saw (Operatika ).
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