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Originally Posted by sneakbobcat
They dropped Sober and Right In Two because Mayanard got some voice problems i heard. Also that's pretty cool you get to see them 3 times in 2 years. I hope they come back here next year too. And here's hoping they adopt Intension and a few Lateralus songs into their setlist.
Yeah Maynard's been sick lately, plus adding roughly 20 minutes of set time with the Wings songs means they needed to trim something. If they end up playing here before May it will have been 3 times in one year, because the first show of the tour I saw was on May 4th, their 3rd show since 2002 and that was really special for me. I really hope for Intension as well, and I'd like to obviously see more variety too. Some rare lost stuff would just be phenomenal, and Tool have been traditionally known for changing their setlists up a lot (this tour is an aberration unfortunately) so who knows?

BTW here's the clue about the spring tour:

Blair September 29 "With regards to the postponed show in San Antonio on September 12th, the band will make it up sometime in the early spring of next year. They are currently in the process of finalizing the tour details (Spring), so check back with the site as I hope to have more information in the next week or so."
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