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Originally Posted by theclansman1114

Many boos from me at that shitty opening act... I was quite loud. People were actually cheering for me cause I was so loud.

For Maiden: The people around us were such deadbeats. They stood there... that was it. No singing, no clapping, no NOTHING. It was quite annoying, considering how Bruce was trying to get the crowd into it, and practically the entire 2nd section basically ignored him... it was like they were forced to be there. Fuck them.

Maiden was awesome in every sense of the word, as you may have gathered from the first post.

Merch was quite amazing. A ton of it too. I bought a Breeg shirt and an AMOLAD album cover shirt, funny enough, after seeing ALL that merch, me and Jeff actually knew someone who was complaining about being "disappointed" with the merch. WTF?! Some ppl complain about anything. And the merch was CLEARLY not something to be complaining about.

Great show, and I love the setlist. Bout time they do something a little different.

Oh, and Hail Terrence, my friend who gave us the center seats! We had a very atrocious angle and would not have seen a lot if he didnt let us sit with him.
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